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Who Exactly Is Dr. Homebrew?

Dr. Homebrew is a wanted man. His underground (and highly illegal) beers are so popular they’re quickly becoming a threat to the global beverage company, Lake’s Ltd. The corporation’s CEO is so upset about the waves that Dr. Homebrew is creating, he’s hired the infamous Chief Inspector to hunt down, capture and punish this elusive drink maker. But the Doctor’s got a whole host of tricks up his sleeve… and a few good people in his corner! Read the Dr. Homebrew book right now!

Then, using Dr. Homebrew’s secret recipes and the additional information available is his soon-to-be-released “How-To Beer Book”, you can learn to brew your very own beers using simple ingredients that can be found just about anywhere in the world. Let Dr. Homebrew be your guide as he walks you through the process of brewing your first batch of delicious, homemade beer! Then learn to bottle and/or keg your creations and share your home-brewed concoctions with your friends, family members, co-workers, and loved ones.

Scroll below to learn more about Dr. Max Mason, Amber, Chief Inspector Hastings and the other characters inside the Dr. Homebrew world. And while you’re here, be sure to grab a free copy of the Dr. Homebrew ebook.

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An unassuming Psychiatrist by day, Dr. Max Mason and his assistant, Amber, work after-hours in their underground laboratory making the world’s best beers. Unfortunately for Max and Amber, the global corporation, Lake’s Ltd., has forced all independent beer brewers out of business. Pursued by Mr. Wig (the CEO of Lake’s Ltd.) and the clueless Chief Inspector Hastings, Max and Amber dodge one close call after another in pursuit of having their home-brewed beers distributed amongst the general population.

Will Max and Amber ever be able to sell their delicious drinks in the real world? Will Mr. Wig or the Chief Inspector ever find out who Dr. Homebrew really is? Who is blackmailing Dr. Max Mason? And will Max and Amber ever acknowledge their true feelings for one another? Read the book today and find out!

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Dr. Max Mason

Dr. Homebrew

Dr. Max Mason is the town’s most trusted Psychiatrist. By using his client’s secrets to his advantage, Max decides to play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the global beverage company, Lake’s Ltd. – an activity that ultimately puts his business, his life, and his girl in jeopardy.



Amber is Dr. Mason’s secretary, confidant, and best friend. Besides the Doctor’s pet cat, Phoenix, she is the only person in the world who knows Max’s secret. Will Amber ever tell the Doctor how she feels about him? And what is Max hiding from her in his desk drawer?

Chief Inspector Hastings

Chief Inspector Hastings

Given the difficult task of hunting down the town’s illegal drink brewer and ensuring Lake’s Ltd.’s unfair monopoly over the beverage industry, Chief Inspector Hastings seems clueless about Dr. Mason’s after-hour activities in his cellar. Or is he?

Mr. Wig

Mr. Wig

Mr. Wig, the CEO of Lake’s Ltd., has run all independent beer brewers out of business. He will stop at nothing to catch Dr. Homebrew and use him as an example – an example to the townspeople that those in power should never be challenged.

Cedric Fletcher

Cedric Fletcher

Cedric Fletcher is the sole owner of the local public house, The Flying Star. Since Lake’s Ltd. took over, he’s been forced to serve his customers the worst tasting beer imaginable. He wants to give his customers the good stuff, but will he ever find a way to do so?

Victoria Mason

Victoria Mason

After Max’s father was shot, Max’s mother, Victoria, left him to fend for himself. Then, out of nowhere, she shows back up around the same time Max starts receiving mysterious letters from an unknown sender. Why is she back in town? And what does she want?

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